Sheryl Clark

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I travel for work and no matter where my travels lead me…do a search on local anti-aging experts to see what they have to offer, especially when it’s around Botox time & I’m not at home in Kansas! I saw services he provides, his interests in sculpting and was intrigued. I scheduled my first visit to see what he recommended for my ever aging facial appearance.

Dr. Himmelstein is professional, thorough, explanatory and creative. He communicates his suggestions and then molds your face to be the perfect “masterpiece.” He has amazing ideas & makes me want to keep coming back! Not because he pushes me to, because I want to. He offers pain free procedures, with little downtime & dramatic improvement (in my professional opinion). My only complaint is that he doesn’t have a practice in the state of Kansas! I’m working on him, though… 🙂

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